Affordable Pricing

Additional Services:

Minute taker services – $325 plus HST two hour meeting- $80 per ½ hour charged after two hours
Chairperson services– $750 plus HST two hour meeting- $125 per ½ hour charged after two hours

Bundle Price Includes:

  1. Preliminary notice to Owners by email
  2. Notice of meeting to Owners by email
  3. Registration of Owners for Virtual Meeting
  4. Thirty (30) minute training session for Panelists (board members, chair, auditor etc.) and Moderating the Virtual Meeting (two(2) hours included)
  5. Electronic Vote for the Meeting (Advanced and real time voting)
  6. Telephone Vote for the meeting (Advanced and real time voting)
  7. Scrutineer for the Meeting to report Voting results
  8. Recording of the Meeting

CondoVoter Guarantee

CondoVoter guarantees to you that;

  1. Quorum Guarantee: We guarantee that your corporation will meet quorum for your upcoming meeting by using our services. If a quorum is not met, we will host your meetings at no extra charge until you achieve quorum. 99% of our meetings achieve quorum in advance of the scheduled date.
  2. Price Guarantee: We guarantee the lowest market rates for comparable services and solutions. Our service fees align with industry averages and include additional services like the ability to vote by phone or vote in advance of your meeting. In addition, if you can provide us a quote from another provider for the same service, we will not only match that price but offer an additional 5% discount.
  3. Compliance Guarantee: We guarantee that you will receive best-in-class services. We work closely with leading legal, privacy, and solution experts to ensure that our service to you meets legislative requirements.
  4. Privacy Guarantee: We guarantee that our voting platform, operational procedures, client support, and associated data handling comply with the provisions of PIPEDA and provincial counterparts.
  5. Owner Trust Guarantee: We guarantee that by using our services, owners can trust that when electronic ballots are submitted to us, they are held in complete confidence, they are protected, secured, and are not shared with any party. A summarized vote tally is provided only when the voting period has ended, and at no time will how an individual voted be shared with any party.

Of course, we appreciate that you may have other questions or concerns about your community’s needs that are not outlined in our guarantees. We encourage you to reach out to us for more information or answer any questions you have.

The marketplace for virtual AGMs and electronic voting is constantly evolving. You can trust and count on our team to ensure your building leadership and community’s excellent experience.