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“Amazing! The moderators were incredible! They kept the meeting running on time, were very kind and mindful of others. I loved the online platform, so convenient!”
– Owner, Robson Summit of Montreux

The Moderator is responsible for providing expert support for the technical aspects of your meeting and helps to create a convenient, time-efficient, seamless experience.

Here are a few ways we keep your meetings running smoothly:

Keep reporting Simple by updating you with quorum counts and voting results right when you need them.
Provide a Seamless experience to your attendees by efficiently facilitating the question and answer periods throughout the meeting.
As an independent 3rd party, we act as a neutral intermediary to ensure your meetings are impartial and Secure.

We look forward to hosting your next meeting!

The CondoVoter Mod Team.

Midusana Rajapalan

One thing I believe I do really well is being adaptable. My previous roles were all in different settings from client services to publication editing, to marketing, corporate events, and finance. The unique requirements of each role taught me the importance of adaptability. I can take on new challenges and I bring an optimistic “can-do” attitude to project management.

I love establishing relationships with the people I work with, and I love to learn something from everyone. One of my favourite parts of working with clients is helping them achieve their goals. Customer service and communication are key. If there is an issue, my goal is to always present a solution not just the problem.

One of my goals as CondoVoter meeting moderator is to build strong relationships with clients, so they want to use us again. Another goal is to understand the expectations of the client and accommodate their requests. At the end of the day, the extra steps we take will only result in a better experience for the client.

Oshadhi Herman

One of my best skills is that I love being able to problem solve and provide a service that exceeds expectations. My experience as a retail advisor taught me how to make customers feel confident, which in turn made them want to return on a regular basis. You also might say I’m a ‘trouble-shooter’ because I enjoy being in a meeting and being faced with challenges from panelists and attendees. My ultimate goal is to leave everyone satisfied with our services.

CondoVoter clients will soon find I’m detail-oriented and I strive continually to find small – yet significant – details that I can improve upon for their next meeting. Even in times of high stress, which requires precision and efficient problem solving, I am confident in my abilities to rise to any challenge I face with a calm and collected demeanor. As a moderator, I hope to give clients a seamless, memorable meeting service that encourages them to come back again to CondoVoter confidently.

Stephanie Greene

In working closely with people in previous roles, I quickly learned to be adaptable and solve problems under pressure. From dealing with difficult tenants to untidy units, my experience has taught me that no two developments are the same, and it’s in dealing with this variety of people and challenges that I derive the most enjoyment. I’m excited to transfer the skills and knowledge gained through these experiences to my role as a meeting moderator.

I love getting to know new people and building great relationships with my CondoVoter clients so that I can provide better service, including seamless meetings that are fast, efficient, and organized. I feel that respecting others is an important part of this role, along with having the technical knowledge to accurately answer client inquiries or troubleshoot technical difficulties, and feel that this is key to building rapport for an outstanding meeting experience. By asking questions, listening carefully, and paying attention to the finer details, I can help others have a stress-free meeting, providing them with more time and energy to focus on what’s needed to achieve their community goals.

Tina Hall

I am elated to be a meeting moderator where I use my calm demeanor, client service skills and strong communication in my interactions with clients. As a moderator, I strive to support your goal of hosting successful meetings. I enjoy listening and understanding client needs and using that information to meet and exceed their goals and expectations for their meetings.

My experience in project management taught me to host meetings efficiently and meet client objectives through clear communication, attention to detail and continuous improvement. My goal is to consistently moderate meetings professionally while maintaining a friendly yet impartial atmosphere for panelists and attendees.

My favorite part of my role as a CondoVoter moderator is meeting new clients, helping them to voice their opinions and building connections. I also enjoy the ability to work with a variety of clients which requires me to be adaptable to meet their needs. In order to build great connections with my CondoVoter clients, I strive to be as transparent as possible while efficiently addressing client concerns to provide a positive meeting experience.

One thing I believe I do really well is listening and communicating effectively with clients. I look forward to moderating your upcoming meeting with precision, strong communication and efficiency.

Sarah Hill

Sarah is an insightful and experienced moderator and facilitator. She is passionate about helping people find their voice and learning to use it effectively. When moderating Sarah ensures all parties are heard and that meetings are delivered smoothly and seamlessly. Her experience in Project Management has developed her ability to be flexible and adaptable and provide support to ensure our sessions are delivered with quality results and a strong focus on ender user satisfaction. She is a skilled communicator with the ability to translate information to people in all positions.

As a member of the CondoVoter team, she enjoys the opportunities to meet and work with so many diverse groups of people and organizations. She looks forward to learning together and to progress which matters most for each client. Sarah’s vision, passion, and joy around assisting people makes her a great addition to the CondoVoter team.

Noah Lacroix

As a meeting moderator, I pride myself on bringing my best communication skills to any of our clients. Whether it’s clear, consistent articulation or a powerful voice that will compliment the Chairperson, I’m always looking to provide real support during the meeting.

On top of my communication skills, I’ve been around technology my entire life, having grown up as a gamer and now currently studying to be a Visual Effects artist. Thanks to my consistent exposure to different types of technology, I’ve grown to understand the ins and outs of many devices and the Zoom meeting platform, making sure I know how to provide a smooth meeting for all our clients. This paired with my attention to detail, rarely does anything surprise me.

As a meeting moderator, I really drive to make every meeting smooth and easy going. The passion comes from a love for moderation, there’s so many wonderful aspects of this role but my favourite part as I mentioned does have to be meeting the clients and forming those connections. One thing I do well is understanding the small details, every detail of a meeting matters especially when it comes to our CondoVoter meetings.

Brooke Osiel

I am delighted to be your meeting moderator at CondoVoter. I really enjoy moderating because I love meeting people and learning new things from them. By relationship-building, using my sharp critical thinking, and being adaptable to accommodate anyone’s needs, I strive to ensure that your meetings will always run smoothly and efficiently.

My previous job experience in business development and client satisfaction has taught me how important it is to listen attentively, show compassion and empathy, and remainagile with attention to detail to continuously deliver silver-platter solutions.

As your moderator my goal is to make your life as easy and convenient as possible, so that you leave your meeting feeling like it was fun and effortless. My favourite parts about my role as a moderator at CondoVoter is knowing that I am helping others to work together and brightening their days. I build great connections with my clients by being enthusiastic and truly caring about their needs. One thing I believe I do reallywell is bringing my cheerful and friendly attitude to every meeting.

I look forward to meeting you and moderating your meetings the way you like to run them, with accuracy and a smile!

Jonathan Solomon

Jonathan Solomon is a new exciting addition to the Condo Voter Moderating Team and is a licenced paralegal in the Province of Ontario. Jonathan values respect and professionalism in all his business interactions. Identifying and assisting with problems, when working with groups of people, are some of his many strong suits. Jonathan prides himself on client satisfaction, one of the ways he achieves this is with client transparency. He ensures that clients are well informed about how each stage of their meeting is to proceed and what to expect, all without breaking confidentiality. His transparency serves towards achieving client expectations, as they will be going into the meeting knowing exactly what services Condo Voter will be providing them.

Jonathan is of the position that we can all teach and learn from each other no matter the position that we are in. He works towards educating participants on how our Condo Voter platform operates and learns from participants' level of comfort. Cooperation is imperative to success, and Jonathan strives to make those around him comfortable to ask questions and be engaged in their participation. Jonathan enjoys discussing with panel members prior to the start of a meeting as it serves as an icebreaker and introduction to our platform. These discussions are lively and are a great way to familiarize ourselves with the Board Members, Chair, and Moderator that will be together for the meeting. One thing that Jonathan excels at is being patient with all those around him. For a lot of participants, it will be their first time actively using our platform or are prepared new to the whole AGM process. Being patient to ensure that parties understand how everything works and being able to have confidence helps with the overall outcome of an AGM.

Morgan Mcdougall-Cook

With several years of experience as an educator, I bring clear and concise communicationskills to this unique and rewarding role as a moderator. Having a background in education has taught me the importance of clarity, effective problem-solving and strong leadership that translates to the facilitation of corporation meetings. Working with people, especially on a virtual platform, can present a number of challenges that I have learned to navigate through my experience. Creating an engaging and productive experience for all parties is my top priority. I pride myself on working quickly and diligently to assist participants when problems arise during, or prior to, the meeting to ensure the meeting runs smoothly with minimal disruption.

As a moderator, I hope to build a positive rapport and establish a trusting relationship with each participantI encounter while refining my skills as a communicator and active listener. Being flexible and able to pivot,based on the request of the client,is something I pride myself in. I aim to establish trust and quickly build a connection with clients by beingorganized, knowledgeable and attentive to their specific requests and objectives for meetings. My ultimate goal is to facilitate productive and seamless meetingsthat focus on efficiency and clear communication. My strength lies inestablishinga positiveand trusting relationship with the client, that in turn, creates a comfortable atmosphere. This results in meetings that are not only productive, but enjoyable.

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