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“Amazing! The moderators were incredible! They kept the meeting running on time, were very kind and mindful of others. I loved the online platform, so convenient!”
– Owner, Robson Summit of Montreux

The Moderator is responsible for providing expert support for the technical aspects of your meeting and helps to create a convenient, time-efficient, seamless experience.

Here are a few ways we keep your meetings running smoothly:

Keep reporting Simple by updating you with quorum counts and voting results right when you need them.
Provide a Seamless experience to your attendees by efficiently facilitating the question and answer periods throughout the meeting.
As an independent 3rd party, we act as a neutral intermediary to ensure your meetings are impartial and Secure.

We look forward to hosting your next meeting!

The CondoVoter Mod Team.

Midusana Rajapalan

Oshadhi Herman


Stephanie Greene

Janice Sham

Jessica Giuntoli

Monica Makarious

Simple - Secure - Seamless

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