Online Voting & Virtual Meeting Solutions for Condominium Corporations, Stratas, and Associations

Make quorum with virtual meetings and electronic voting.



CondoVoter complements current procedures while making it easier to maximize participation. With the addition of an online owner's portal, integrated candidate profiles, extensive ballot customization, and real-time voting updates, you can provide an efficient and streamlined owner’s meeting and voting experience.


Participation is a top priority when conducting owner’s meetings. Using CondoVoter's new suite of tools, with automated notices and reminders, you can ensure quorum is met well ahead of your meeting date. Adding new candidates is easy, with our candidate submission portal. CondoVoter makes the process simple and frees up management from these time consuming tasks.


When adopting E-voting, CondoVoter assists in providing checks and balances throughout the process offering full transparency from end-to-end and giving owners peace of mind. Owner validation, audit logs, and a diarized history of votes offer you the peace of mind that the voting process was correctly followed and a secure process is in place. Compliance with privacy legislation is a top priority.


Our online portal offers real-time insight into how your vote is progressing. Clients have visibility into registration numbers, quorum, which units have voted and those that still must. Candidate submissions may be approved through our self-serve portal with additional access to other important information such as Online Meeting Links and Call-in information. CondoVoter provides greater visibility into every aspect of your upcoming meeting.

With advanced, real time and telephone voting, proxies can be eliminated.

Online Voting

  • Send Notices in Advance
  • Achieve Quorum Ahead of Meeting
  • Advance & Real-time Electronic Voting
  • Electronic Candidate Disclosure Forms
  • Customizable Candidate Bios
  • Electronic Candidate Disclosure Submission
  • Owner Portal to Submit, Modify and Monitor Votes
  • Modifiable Submissions till Closing of the Vote
  • Automatically Weigh Votes According to Legal Ownership
  • Advance & real time telephone voting
  • Manage Owner Arrears or Owner-Occupant Elections
  • Automated and On-Demand Tabulations, Reports & Summaries
  • Token Driven Authentication
  • IP Tracking

Virtual Meetings

  • Invite & Register Participants Ahead of Time
  • Webcam Panelists Views
  • Enable Screen Shares & Presentations in Meeting
  • Moderated Real-Time Chat for Q&A
  • Virtual Polling & Hand Raising
  • Real-Time Results Dashboard
  • Optional Meeting Minutes

Telephone Voting

  • Easy to Access 800# from any phone
  • Secured via personal access code
  • Provides additional accessibility options
  • Change or update your vote at anytime
  • Counts towards quorum
  • Any change to the ballot such as nominations from the floor are immediately available
  • System intelligently restricts those in arrears from voting
  • Voting record provided by email
  • Integrated Real-Time Results

Counting Votes So Voting Counts

The platform is easy for owners to use; CondoVoter provides effective and painless step by step and support for admin/manager; quorum is met in no time – previously we would have to chase owners for proxies to get the required meeting quorum (and on a number of occasions, meeting start time had to be delayed to allow us to contact owners directly in order to reach the quorum) – achieving a quorum is not a problem anymore with CondoVoter.

Valerie SmithCondominium Manager, Del Property Management

The passage of the Electronic Voting By-Law was instrumental in allowing us to use CondoVoter to pass three subsequent By-Laws which easily attained quorum and equally resounding approval. For our recent AGM, we actually had the highest number of votes recorded for the election of Directors in the 20 year history of our extremely engaged Condominium. In addition, many of those who voted on-line also came to the Annual General Meeting itself so we have not lost the sense of community that many predicted.

Diana Belshaw, President, Board of DirectorsParliament Square MTCC 1299

Our experience was positive. Yes, we made quorum, and online voting was very helpful for us. Saved us so much time and energy for getting quorum. The fact that 93 owners used it shows that they found it easy to use. In the past AGMs we had around 52-55 owners present or by proxy.

Ben Nati, Condominium ManagerTSCC2220

Quorum was easily made as we had 216 votes (41.14%) via electronic voting and we only need 25%.

88 Scott – TSCC 2665

This is awesome! 52.5% of the units voted electronically prior to the meeting!

The Icon2 – TSCC 1549

We used CondoVoter for an amendment to declaration which is a consent process and not technically a vote. This means that no bylaw is needed to do amendments to declarations. It was a wonderful test to see how it all works. We are definitely proceeding with an electronic voting bylaw at our next meeting so that we can use this process for all our owners meetings.

Aura – TSCC 2329

Our Corporation used CondoVoter for the Turnover Meeting. The experience we went thorough was great. Quorum was easily made as we had 288 votes out of 388 total of Units. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It saved us a lot of time and energy for the registration and for getting the quorum.

Catalina P.TSCC 2678

CondoVoter has been well received in our building. Owners could cast their vote even if they were out of town. We made quorum easily and with time to spare, and we expect it to be even easier in future as the initial effort of collecting emails and consents has been done. All updates were promptly acknowledged and implemented, and results were carefully monitored by CondoVoter staff. As our AGM's are typically held during the heavy shopping season before Christmas, it has always been challenging to collect proxies; the process can be tedious, intrusive and subject to manipulation and abuse. We intend to continue with CondoVoter, and strongly endorse its use.

Zahir AntiaSecretary MTCC 971