CondoVoter is your one-stop-shop for all your meeting needs


Telephone Voting (Free of Charge)

This free-of-cost service allows owners to vote using our unique voting phone line. You will be sent telephone voting access codes which you will be responsible for distributing to owners. Owners can then use that personalized code to vote securely by phone. A telephone voting guide can be provided to include in your notice package if this option is selected.

Post-Meeting Board Meeting (Free of Charge)

The CondoVoter-hosted virtual meeting is handed over to you to run a virtual board meeting immediately after your booked meeting. There is no time limit on the post-meeting. The moderator will not be present for the post-meeting portion.

Chairperson Services ($850 + HST)

A condominium lawyer to chair the meeting. The price is set for a 30-minute practice session, and a 2-hour meeting. Any additional time will be charged at a rate of $125 for each additional half hour.

Minute Taking Services ($325 + HST)

An in-house minute taker will be scheduled and coordinated by CondoVoter to attend your meeting(provided by Just the Minutes). The price is set for a 2-hour meeting. Extra time will be charged at a rate of $80 per additional half-hour.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) ($450 + HST)

GOTV (Get Out the Vote) uses SMS and telephone calling to garner more voting participation. Ideal for:
1) Hard-to-pass by-laws
2) An amendment to the declaration
3) Communities that lack owner participation
4) When you have less than 50% of the owners’ emails.

Hybrid Meeting Equipment Rental ($250 + HST)

Our “Out-of-the-box” solution combines the necessary equipment to host an efficient, quality Hybrid meeting. For your convenience, the equipment box can be shipped directly to your onsite location and includes intuitive, easy-to-understand, set-up instructions. CondoVoter's "out-of-the-box" hybrid meeting solution includes the following equipment:
· Zoom-enabled laptop
· 360-degree view camera with tripod
· Projector and Microphone

5G Highspeed Portable WIFI Rental **LIMITED TIME OFFER** ($50 + HST)

Don't let your internet connection stop you from running a successful and seamless hybrid meeting experience. With incredible coverage and speed, you'll get the most out of your meeting - guaranteed.
**Please note the price listed is promotional. This option is only available with the Hybrid Meeting Equipment Rental.

Hybrid Technician & Set-Up ($250 + HST)

Completely remove any stress over ensuring all of your hybrid meeting equipment is set up and working properly so you can focus on the matters most important to you heading into your meeting. With our technician and setup service, you can leave the tech to us and rest easy knowing there will be a seamless experience between those attending in person and those attending virtually. Please note, this option is only available currently to corporations within the GTA or one-hour within the GTA.