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Achieve quorum easily with virtual meetings and electronic voting

What do your work and CondoVoter have in common? Well, they are both built around your clients. Despite all your hard work, sometimes they still struggle with an empty AGM, no quorum, hard-to-pass bylaws, and keeping a safe distance. Whatever your community's challenge is, we have got you covered.

With CondoVoter Bundle, you get:

Hosted Virtual Meeting
  • Electronic proxy & advance voting
  • Electronic real-time voting
  • Telephone voting
  • Weighted voting
  • Online candidate nominations
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Online proxy submission
Vote Integrity & Security
  • Voting analytics
  • Advanced quorum tracking
  • Token driven voter authentication
  • IP address vote tracking
  • Bank-level encryption of data
Engagement Tools
  • Voting analytics
  • Electronic delivery of notice
  • Unlimited voting reminders
  • eConsent collection
Hosted Virtual Meeting
  • Registration and meeting reminders
  • Unit owner authentication
  • Practice session for Panelists
  • In-meeting technical support
  • Dedicated moderator (Poll, Chat, Motions and Q&A)
  • Real time telephone and online voting
  • Real-time registration dashboard
Full-service Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated setup
  • Email & Telephone Support
  • Summary report of a virtual meeting
  • (Attendance report, Registration report Survey results, Voting result, Q&A, Polling and Chat)
  • Recording of the meeting
  • Audio transcripts
  • Vote technician

Choose your package:






Up to 50 Voters

Voter support, Dedicated setup and Moderating the virtual meeting 2.5 hours included





Up to 150 Voters

Voter support, Dedicated setup and Moderating the virtual meeting 2.5 hours included





Up to 300 Voters

Voter support, Dedicated setup and Moderating the virtual meeting 2.5 hours included





From 300 Voters

Voter support, Dedicated setup and Moderating the virtual meeting 2.5 hours included

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90% of clients

love their virtual experience with CondoVoter

Our AGMs are typically held during the heavy shopping season before Christmas. With CondoVoter, we made quorum easily and with time to spare. We expect it to be even easier in the future.

Zahir A.
Secretary, MTCC 971

Previously we would have to chase owners for proxies to get the required meeting quorum. Achieving a quorum is not a problem anymore with CondoVoter.

Valerie S.
Condominium Manager, Del Property Management

We’ve been able to achieve 75% participation with virtual meetings. Sometimes we’ve only made 25% participation with in-person meetings.

Diane R.
Condominium Manager, Freure Property Management Ltd.

One of the best things we did is hire CondoVoter. We have been impressed every time we complete a meeting.

Violla K.
Property Manager, Y.L. Hendler Ltd

This is awesome! 52.5% of the units voted electronically prior to the meeting!

TSCC 1549

The moderators were incredible! Very kind and mindful of others. I loved the online platform, so convenient!

Robson Summit of Montreux

It is simple to plan and organize any condominium or community vote with our e-voting solutions. During the voting period, stakeholders can participate from any location and on any device connected to the internet, helping to boost participation. Owners can change their e-vote up until voting is closed during the meeting. CondoVoter provides options for weighted voting and digital proxy submission. Our team of experts will also be right by your side, helping you manage every step of the vote and meeting for a smooth and successful meeting.

Achieving quorum is our superpower. At CondoVoter, 99.9% of our clients achieve quorum in advance of the scheduled meeting. We guarantee that your corporation will get quorum for your upcoming meeting with us. If quorum is not met, the CondoVoter team will host your meeting at no extra charge until you get quorum.

You can trust CondoVoter to keep your data secure. We utilize blockchain technology and bank-level encryption of data to prevent voter fraud and ensure election integrity and voter privacy at every step.

The principle remains unchanged: one unit — one vote. To cast a ballot, voters receive secure links associated with their unit via email. For example, if a unit is occupied by two individuals, they share the same link and view the same electronic ballot. The CondoVoter system will use the most recent vote to override any past votes for the same unit to ensure there is no double voting. Only one vote will be counted for participants who have already voted electronically but decided to vote in person during the meeting.

Condo corporations and communities often have bylaws that dictate how elections and decision-making processes can be run. Prior to planning your electronic voting process, ensure that your corporation or community’s bylaws allow for the use of electronic voting technology. If the use of electronic voting technology is not allowed in your bylaws, we can help you with this vote too! Contact us at

CondoVoter has got you covered there too, with our Get Out the Vote service. Get Out the Vote uses SMS and phone calling to garner more voting participation. By pressing '1', the phone call gives a direct line to vote and allows for a vote reminder to be left in the owner's voicemail if the call fails. From the SMS outreach, owners can click the tokenized voting link right from the text to cast a vote. Our Get Out the Vote solution is ideal for: 1) Hard-to-pass bylaws; 2) Communities that lack voter participation; 3) If you have less than 50% of the voters’ emails.


Our Additional Services

Hybrid Meeting Equipment Rental

Did you know that CondoVoter offers a Hybrid Meeting kit? Our clients love the kit because it makes it easier for everyone to engage in the conversation since in-person and virtual attendees can hear each other clearly. With our Hybrid Meeting kit, you get a Zoom-enabled laptop, a projector, a 360-degree camera with a tripod and a microphone. Shipment can be made directly to your onsite location (along with easy-to-follow instructions.) Need help with setup? For locations within one hour of the GTA, we can send our Moderator to assist with setup and meeting administration for an additional fee.

Minute-taking Service

Taking meeting minutes is a time-suck. But with Just The Minutes, you can take it off your plate and focus on facilitating the meeting and delivering your message to stakeholders. Our partner provides a minute-taking service to hundreds of condominium clients and communities across Canada. Remotely or in person, their trained recording staff ensures your minutes are prepared in an unbiased format, proofread, and verified via secondary review. Your minutes will be returned within 3 business days.

Chairperson Service

Looking for a neutral chairperson? Lash Condo Law, our chairing partner, is a respected 3rd party condominium law firm with over 20 years of experience. Attending virtually or in person, their professional Chairperson will ensure that all the attendees are treated fairly and equally. Better yet, Lash Condo Law professionals have experience presiding over virtual AGMs. You can rest assured that your upcoming virtual or hybrid meeting will run smoothly, fairly and efficiently.

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