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We are lucky to have the best clients in the world. Read real client testimonials and reviews to discover why property managers and boards choose CondoVoter and how electronic voting makes life easier for all.

Previously we would have chased owners for proxies, achieving quorum is not a problem anymore with CondoVoter.

– Valerie S., Condominium Manager, Del Property Management

CondoVoter is an exceptional electronic voting platform that has truly transformed the way we conduct meetings.

– Paris S., Regional Director, First Service Residential

We always achieve quorum with CondoVoter.

– Alex T., Property Manager, First Service Residential

CondoVoter lifts the burden off the Board and Property Manager so they can concentrate on content rather than logistics.

– Guest Speaker, OCSCC 1021

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been working with CondoVoter as our preferred partner for hosting virtual meetings and e-voting. Their platform is easy to use both for our Property Management team and residents of the condominium corporations we manage. Their moderators are always professional, organized and are very clear in their instruction. When in person meetings started to rise in popularity, our clients have chosen to stick with virtual meetings as they are so efficient, achieving quorum is a breeze with advanced voting!

Angel-Marie R., OLCM-L, OCLMP, President, Onyx Condo Management

“The moderators are incredible”

Clients often praise our exceptional Moderators, and while we might be biased, we truly believe that our Mod team is the backbone of smooth and high-quality virtual meetings.

CondoVoter handled everything. Their support let us focus on the meeting, not the technicalities.

– Board Member, PCC 171

Our moderator was excellent, making the entire meeting a very pleasant experience.

– Jessica G., Property Manager, Melbourne PM

I chair 100 to 120 AGMs a year. Our CondoVoter Mod was one of the best moderators I have dealt with. BRAVO.

– Chairperson, MTCC 1095

My first time using any platform like this and not being a "techy" person....I loved it. Easy to use and no stress registering owners and letting them into the meeting. Proxy gathering used to be such a headache, with last minute push to achieve quorum. You had it a few days in advance and I didn't have to spend my admin's time sending multiple notices. Worth every penny.

Karen W., Property ManagerPercel Inc.

“Easy quorum”

Electronic voting makes achieving quorum simple. Unit owners can vote from anywhere. Property managers and Boards may never worry about reaching quorum again.

I remember the old days of wondering if you would achieve quorum at your meeting, well now thanks to CondoVoter’s online portal, I can keep track of the number of advanced votes and registered attendee numbers leading up to the meeting, so there is no more guessing.

– Stephen B., Condominium Manager, First Service Residential

CondoVoter enables owners to participate offsite without having to make a special trip to the property. It also makes life easier for those who do not want in-person meetings for medical, social, or privacy reasons.

– Chairperson, YRSCC 1329

They without a doubt made organizing AGMs easier. Our meetings are done in 30 minutes, no renting chairs, setting up sign-ins, or ballots, and spending an entire evening for in-person meetings.

– Brian C., Property Manager, First Service Residential

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