Online meetings and electronic voting methods have revolutionized the way HOAs conduct their business, making it easier for more members to get involved and saving costs associated with traditional in-person gatherings. It’s a game-changer for HOA board elections, ensuring fairness and accessibility in today’s digital age.

As more states and provinces adopt electronic elections and meetings, board members are considering making this possibility a reality for their associations. But is it right for your HOA board?

Let’s take a closer look at the perks and guidelines of using an online voting service for your HOA board elections.

Why would your community association want to allow e-voting?

Achieve Quorum

One of the primary challenges in HOA elections is reaching the required quorum. Traditional in-person voting often falls short. Online voting eliminates this problem, allowing more members to participate from the comfort of their homes. This, in turn, helps your HOA achieve quorum more easily. “It’s a way to enable more members to participate,” says Oshadhi Herman, Client Experience Manager at CondoVoter. “99.9% of our clients achieve quorum days or weeks before the meeting, launching the vote in advance.”

Support Member Needs

Today’s homeowners lead busy lives. Online voting services cater to their needs by offering the flexibility to vote at their convenience. This inclusivity encourages a higher voter turnout and ensures that the voices of all members are heard.

“With online voting, residents can vote from anywhere and don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts or achieving quorum.”

Eliminate Human Error

Paper ballots and manual vote counting are susceptible to human error. Online voting provides a streamlined, automated process that minimizes the risk of mistakes. The integrity of the election process is strengthened, enhancing trust within your HOA.

Reduce Expenses

Shifting to online voting eliminates the expenses tied to paper, postage, ballot and notice distribution, reprints for lost ballots, and other costs associated with sending paper ballots and information to unit residents. This transition allows you to maintain HOA board voting procedures while cutting down on the time and expenses associated with old methods of voting, allowing your HOA to allocate funds more effectively for community improvements. “When you vote with CondoVoter, we also deliver notices to homeowners online via email, which saves time and money for many HOAs,” points out Oshadhi, Client Experience Manager

Electronic Voting Is Environment-Friendly

Moving votes online is an environmentally responsible choice. Over time, every community generates a significant amount of paper waste, contributing to a climate crisis. That’s why going green became a priority for many communities. Electronic voting aligns with this goal by reducing the need for paper and other resources associated with traditional elections.

You’ve decided to allow e-voting – now what?

Before transitioning to electronic voting for your HOA, there are essential steps you need to consider:

Educate Members:

Start by educating your HOA members about the benefits of electronic voting. Hold informational sessions, distribute materials, and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Building member confidence is key to a successful transition.

Check Your Governing Documents:

Review your HOA’s bylaws and election policies to ensure they align with electronic voting. Make any necessary amendments or additions to accommodate the new voting method. Not every state allows electronic voting for HOA elections. Read more here.

Choose a Reliable Online Voting Service:

Research and select a reputable online voting service provider. Look for features such as secure authentication, encryption, and auditing to ensure the integrity of the election process. “Thousands of communities trust us to run their votes. CondoVoter uses the same data encryption as major banks; along with features to prevent double voting, accommodate weighted votes and so much more,” notes Oshadhi, Client Experience Manager.

Self-service platform or full-service provider: What online voting vendor to choose?

The main difference is that a full-service provider will take care of your vote for you from setup to results and work with you to ensure your vote adheres to all legal requirements in your area. If you choose to go with a full-service provider, check if they have guarantees in place, such as a Quorum guarantee or Price-match.

A community’s success relies on homeowners being active, and e-voting makes it easier for them to get involved. If you’re considering an online voting service for your HOA elections, the first step is to find out if it’s allowed in your state or province. Then, choose a vendor that will help you comply with regulations in your area.

For more information on how CondoVoter can support your community with electronic voting, contact our team today.

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