Response to Reporting by CTV News on Condo Board Elections & Voter Privacy

January 17 2022

CondoVoter has noted recent news reports broadcast by CTV News network partners in Toronto.

CondoVoter confirms that our electronic platform for condo elections was designed and engineered with privacy as its primary technical feature.

When condo owners click ‘submit ’on our ballot screens, their vote choices are added to encrypted totals and leave no published tracks back to owners. It is impossible for CondoVoter to disclose individual vote choices because our system does not permit managers or board members to trace ballots back to individual identities.

CondoVoter also blocks viewing of ballot totals until the moment when voting is declared closed at live meetings of owners. Our system is built to completely block advance viewing of election results.

CondoVoter has presided over thousands of condo board elections without any compromise of results, security or privacy. We are proud to offer our versatile, robust and trustworthy voting platform to condo corporations across Canada.

CondoVoter’s Statement of Privacy Principles:
Privacy without compromise

CondoVoter respects your right to secure, private and confidential voting in condo elections.

No one knows how you Vote

CondoVoter does not allow anyone to see your vote choices.

No one can view your ballot

CondoVoter never provides anyone access to your election ballot. Your right to vote is private and respected.