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Chairing a Condo Virtual Meeting – Lash Condo Law

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Many condominium corporations have now had their first virtual meeting and after experiencing the process, are seeing some of the benefits of using technology for conducting owners meetings.  We expect to see the continuation of virtual meetings and electronic voting as the “preferred” way to hold owners meetings, even once the pandemic is over.

Condo Hybrid Meetings – Lash Condo Law

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Over the past few weeks there has been lots of discussion among board members and condo managers about getting ready to hold “hybrid” meetings. But when you ask what exactly is a hybrid meeting, the answer usually is “a virtual meeting and an in-person meeting”.

A great requisition meeting moderated by CondoVoter

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I am hearing reports that many condominiums are postponing their annual general meetings (“AGMs”) due to COVID-19 instead of using virtual means to hold them. Some condominiums are also avoiding decisions that could result in a requisition by owners, such as making changes to the common elements, assets, or services under Section 97 of the…