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No Computer? No Worries: Vote by Phone to the Rescue

Some of the most common questions we at CondoVoter hear from condominium unit owners and board members who are apprehensive about remote voting are “What if I don’t have a computer” or “I’m new to learning this technology.” We understand how important meeting participation is and we are constantly looking for ways to make remote voting more accessible.

CondoVoter announces our new Vote-by-phone option 

We have developed an easy to follow 3-step process that provides safe and secure remote voting. Our new Vote-by-phone option allows owners to vote remotely, using their phone, with these three simple steps:

  • Step 1. Owners dial CondoVoter’s voting line and authorize themselves using a private pin number.
  • Step 2. A pre-recorded and professional voice actor intuitively explains to owners the items available for them to vote on and prompts them through the process.
  • Step 3. Owners securely place their encrypted vote either through dial tone key pad presses or through voice recognition.

Significant benefits

The Vote-by-phone option comes with several significant benefits. For example, if an email is on record for the unit, the owner will receive a confirmation via email of how they voted. Their vote will also be confirmed via phone. Additionally, owners have the option to change their vote up until voting closes. Furthermore, voting by phone can be done in advance of the meeting, or during the meeting itself.

How it Works 

√ CondoVoter’s Vote-by-phone option integrates directly with our existing online voting platform.

√ Votes placed via phone are instantaneously recorded alongside online votes and results are available in real time.

√ CondoVoter’s system policies prevent multiple votes being cast per unit, accommodates multiple unit owners, and through dynamic ballots presents Owner-Occupied votes only to applicable owners.

As board members and managers, we know it’s important for owners to vote at your condominium’s meetings. Now, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have computer access. CondoVoter’s Vote-by-phone option is here.

We invite you to contact CondoVoter for more information or to schedule your next meeting. Email

Adjourned Condo Meetings – Lash Condo Law

Virtual Meeting and Electronic Voting by-laws are all the rage right now.  Most of our clients are adding this by-law to the agenda for their AGMs since getting this by-law confirmed by the owners only requires a majority vote of those in attendance (either virtually, electronically or by proxy).  Most other by-laws, such as a Standard Unit by-law or a Borrowing by-law, require a majority vote in favour of all the voting units.

Chairing a Condo Virtual Meeting – Lash Condo Law

Many condominium corporations have now had their first virtual meeting and after experiencing the process, are seeing some of the benefits of using technology for conducting owners meetings.  We expect to see the continuation of virtual meetings and electronic voting as the “preferred” way to hold owners meetings, even once the pandemic is over.

Condo Hybrid Meetings – Lash Condo Law

Over the past few weeks there has been lots of discussion among board members and condo managers about getting ready to hold “hybrid” meetings. But when you ask what exactly is a hybrid meeting, the answer usually is “a virtual meeting and an in-person meeting”.


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