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April 2019

Why the Ministry Introduced Electronic Voting for Condos – Lash Condo Law

Much has been written about the newly enacted electronic voting in condos.  While it is received by many as a long-overdue solution to the proxy and quorum challenges faced by many corporations, some commentators have hesitated to adopt it, preferring to cling onto the requirement of a proxy to count someone’s presence toward quorum.   In this post, I weigh into this debate and answer the ultimate question: what was the point of the province’s forward- thinking changes in accepting electronic voting if it continued to require physical presence or the traditional proxy form.

Electronic Voting for Condos- That Was Easy! | Lash Condo Law

For those of you that are still not clear as to what electronic voting is or have certain misgivings about the process, then read on……

Firstly, I want to thank the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services for introducing electronic voting for condominium corporations in Ontario.  It was in November 2017 that I first learned about electronic voting when I saw that amendments to the Condominium Act included new methods for voting at condominium meetings through the use of technology.